Hello Foodies!! My name is Jessica and I am a high school student with a LOVE for nutrition. I am in cross country and try to stay extremely active and am planning on running a half marathon sometime soon! (aaak I hope). 

My Story

         Growing up I ate whatever I want. I could easily have doritos, chocolate, milkshakes, and pizza all in one sitting. Lucky for me I was  very active and never gained too much weight, but was never entirely happy with myself. All of that changed my Freshman year of high school. I decided I wanted to do cross country and thought the only way I could be the best was by eating nothing. That whole year was a very depressing time in my life. I would stunt my hunger with coffee and generally would eat one meal of oatmeal a day(I still love oatmeal though).  People started to notice I stopped eating and would wear huge clothes to cover up my body. I thought I could go on starving myself forever. This all changed when I started to slowly learn about eating healthy and now a year later am completely healed physically and mentally. I created this blog to show you what I eat, my workout routines, and recipes worth dying for…..but really. Hope you enjoy my blog! PLEASE feel free to comment on anything – I lOVE foodies:)

P.S. I would be ECSTATIC if you sent me an email at wannabenutritionist@gmail.com



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  1. Hey Jessica!! So glad that you’re doing better~It’ll always not be super easy peasy being a woman especially in the US because we’re so bombarded with negative stuff, but I think we can definitely change our mindsets by knowing our identities first. And I hope you continue on this journey to holistic wellness and love for yourself and others!! Yayyy I used to be in xcountry for 1.5 years in high school! hehe.

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