Sick day = Missed workout?


Happy Day Late Easter!

Last night was rough to say the least. I spent half the night coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose. Once I woke up this morning I realized that everyone else in my family is feeling sick as well. The first thing I thought about after coming to grips with the fact that this cold may last a few days was my workout schedule. I know the workouts for this week, and today was supposed to be moderate (4 x 1000).  The competitive side of me always comes out when I miss a workout, and it frustrates me that someone may be training when I am not. However, maybe taking a rest day will set me a day ahead of my competitors. Mabye I need this rest day, and my sickness is the body’s way of telling me to take a rest. This brings me to the question(s)…………

How do you know when to take a rest, and when to push through?

Does missing a workout cause cause stress and fear for loss of conditioning/ability?


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