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How I am eating healthy at school


If your schools are like mine you don’t really get a choice about what they serve you. That is why I bring my lunch to school every day or else I would be eating culvers, panda express, and pizza hut all week. I will tell you more about how to pack a perfect school lunch later in the week, but for now SNACKS.




Random Update


I have not updated in a while because this week has been CRAZY! XC began and I had orientation.

Pumpkin and egg whites oats

Peanut butter and jelly on toast after morning practice. Also a cup of coffee.

Spinach and steak salad.

Rasberry yogurt mixed in with peanut butter!


XC has begun:)


I have two xc practices a day one in the morning and one in the evening. Today we did a total of 9 1/2 miles.

– I woke up early and ate oatmeal about 45 minutes before breakfast

I had chocolate oats with 1/4 cup of steel cut oats, almond milk, chocolate pb2, egg whites, and carob powder…..with kashi on top of course:)

Dinner was a steak, bean, and avocado salad! It was so delicious.

A bedtime snack was maple almond butter and whole wheat thins

Green Smoothie and other Eats!


Question of the day: Do you believe in having treat meals on weekends just for the sake of having junk?

My usual oatmeal! It looks kind of gross but is SO good:)

Spinach and chicken salad with a kombucha….honestly I would not get that flavor again….but I am looking forward to trying different flavors

Then I had a yummy green smoothie with….

1 cup of almond milk

1 packet of truvia

Half a banana

A handful of spinach

Health Book review


Lately I have been reading the Eat-Clean Diet books! They are extremely interesting and I hope everyone gets a chance to read them at sometime. The books have interesting tips and motivational stories about how to stay healthy the RIGHT way. Do not let the word diet fool you these books are about a healthy LIFESTYLE not DIET.




Right now I am curled up on my bed with a blanket reading blogs:) I am at my family lake house and it feels good to get some alone time!

– Today I did a warm up/ cool down jog for 20 minutes and hill repeats

 Turkey wrap with gazpacho and an apple

Egg white oatmeal with kashi and dates on top

My eats


I have been pretty busy lately so I have not taken as many pictures as I would have liked:( However I did go to a play and it was soo fun!

Anway back to what I have been eating…..

Pumpkin greek yogurt with cereal for a snack

Kale salad with La Tortilla factory tortilla

This was delicious

OIAJ! I rejoice every time I see my peanut butter jar is almost empty

Lately I have been reading this! I encourage everyone to read it:)