Weight lifting?


My mom and I decided we wanted to have a personal trainer come to our house a couple of times and teach us core and weight lifting exercises! Do you think it is worth the time and money? I do not want to get bulky and when I told my mom I was going to start lifting heavier weights she stopped me and said I would look too manly…….Is this true?


Do you weight lift? Does it help running?


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  1. Bulking up like that is really an unfortunate misconception that many women have about strength training. Strengthening your muscles is a key part of really getting your body in good shape. The more you work them, the more they work for you to burn fat and help you do the things you want to do more effectively and easily.
    This link I found has some more advice about weight lifting:

    One thing this article talks about is the actual weight of what you use to exercise with – it says to focus on lifting more than you think you want to. This is true, but keep this in mind, more repetitions with (relatively) lighter weight will increase endurance, whereas fewer repetitions with heavier weights will increase strength and tone. A guide to how to tell what weight to lift: choose something that you can do 18 reps with, so that on the 18th one, it takes almost all you can to lift it and complete the motion. Any heavier than that will be for strength training, not endurance, and anything lighter wont do you much good at all.

    Your running will benefit by just having a stronger body in general, but the best way to improve performance in any area (running included) is to practice that thing! Think of it like this, you wouldn’t train for a marathon by biking 30 miles a week – you run! Just have fun and good luck!

  2. Oh! And about increasing the weight of what you lift – if you’re doing things right, you’ll have to! If you start off with lifting 5lbs because that is what you can do 18 reps with, and a month later you are still lifting that 5lbs, then you’re not going to do any good! By then that weight is going to be too light since surely you can do more than 18 reps with it. Keep up the good work with the blog and life, btw, it’s looking great 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! I needed that reassurance because I was on the verge of giving up weight training all together. I am deffinitely going to return and not listen to what anyone else says:) Have a great day

  4. Oh no wayyy- girl, just go to a bunch of health magazine and different blogs and you’ll be educated in NO TIME! Womens Health Mag, Mens Health Mag, Fitness Magazine, Shape, and tons of blogs talk about lifting. Bess Be Fit just did a guest post on lifting- you should check it out. Save your time AND money!

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