I decided that I am going to make two nutritional goals a week. The reason for this is because lately the food I have been eating has been nutritional, but has been ruined with snacks. That is why my two goals for this week are…..

1. No other drinks this week except water

The reason for this is the added sugar in my drinks. I only like coffee that is sweet and some cream always has to go in it for me to drink it, so the calories and sugar add up quickly:(

2. Only two tablespoons of peanut butter

This may seem like an unusual goal, but it is the one food I have a problem controlling. I usually do not portion it out because I do not want to know how much I eat. I realize that causes me to overeat and get a stomach ache.

What are a couple goals you could make to improve your lifestyle? 



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  1. My nut butter consumption gets out of control as well, but I’m okay with that. I love it too much, and coffee without cream? Can’t do it either. I’ve tried drinking it black, but blech! My husband likes to joke that I drink cream with a dash of coffee. Ha, he’s totally right!

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